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Tutor Furniture System

The Tutor Furniture System is specifically designed for use in training, seminar and meeting room environments.

The system consists of a number of light weight modular table and track components that can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations to facilitate any group learning or communication space requirement.

The Tutor system also accommodates the use of computer & audio-visual technologies in group settings ... with flexible wire/cable management.

Since training, seminar, and meeting rooms are often rearranged to suit changing requirements ... all Tutor system table and track components are designed to easily connect, fold and store when not in use.

The Tutor Furniture System is actually two systems in one. The Tutor Table System & The Tutor Track System combine to provide the ultimate in furniture flexibility for training, seminar, and meeting rooms.

Tutor Table System

Tutor Table System ... designed by Niels Diffrient ... permits facility designers to create flexible floor plans for all types of training, seminar, and meeting room configurations.

The heart of the system consists of two rectangular folding tables and a series of top bridges of varying angles/widths that can be connected to form a wide range of table system configurations. Tables and bridges easily snap together using the universal connector.

Optional system elements include half-round and trapezoidal folding ender tables ... two types of wire/cable managers ... and a mobile cabinet for storage of PC system units, reference materials and/or personal belongings.

Tutor Track System

Tutor Track System ... reproduced under license from Anders+Kern GMBH & Co. KG. ... permits facility managers to create flexible wall plans for display and projection of information in training, seminar, and meeting rooms.

The system consists of wall mounted tracks and a range of track mounted display components ... including writing board, tack board, flip charts, projection screens, A-V equipment shelf and literature holders.

Optional accessories include markers, surface cleaning materials, and various books & clasps for attaching other display material to the track.