The Year 2000 Is Here

The 90's office has experienced extraordinarily rapid change.

Evolving computer technology and task changes have reduced most office furniture's useful life from decades to just a few years!

Furniture narrowly specified around today's perceived office needs can be obsolete the day of purchase, and will certainly be obsolete, well before wear and tear forces replacement.

The body of knowledge covering ergonomic risks and injuries is relatively small and young, but it is growing. Ergonomics is good for both people and the bottom line. Not only does it improve employee well-being and morale but it can save business money by reducing cost related to issues like workers compensation, turnover and absenteeism.

Step One: Start an ergonomic awareness program! Improve employee well-being by improving their knowledge of ergonomics! Muscles like to work. They almost never hurt when they are used.....only when they are abused!

Step Two: Extend the life of your existing furniture! Have someone that understands "Ergonomics" prepare a workplace assessment. Rearranging layouts, and retrofitting the right attachment's could be your immediate answer.

Step Three: Plan now for the future! Workstation designs that adjusts to people will result in fewer errors, less wasted time and improve well-being and productivity!

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