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August 9, 2001 Major update!!! New Generation 4 section, with new pictures.
July 14, 2001 Added Generation 4 Xtreme.
July 13, 2001 Added ITtables featuring the SISstand range to showcase. General Maintenance - Removal of dicontinued products.
August 9, 2000 SISmotion, SISvision & SISemotion added to showcase.
August 1, 2000 Removed Omniflex 48" Rectilinear Single Surface Table. General Site Update.
August 25, 1996 Added new article entitled: "New Visual Considerations At Computer Workstations" by Dennis R. Ankrum.
March 27, 1996
Added TrueSpeech audio support. If you don't have the player/plugin, you can download it by clicking here. The first audio file is of the Labofa Action System chair.
February 26, 1996 Added Practicon monitor arm.
February 26, 1996 Added Practicon Armstotte arm and mouse support.
January 1, 1996 If you have visited this site before January 1, please clear your browser's memory and disk cache.
December 28, 1995 Added Omniflex 48" Rectilinear Single Surface Table in Showcase Items.
December 28, 1995 Added SIS diagrams for individual and modular tables in Related Information box.
December 16, 1995 Added Information Resources page.
December 12, 1995 Added Commercial Seating section.