We trust you have found the information in this section of interest and that you will find it helpful in your decision-making process towards a work environment that is ergonomically correct and therefore, of course, more people oriented, more enjoyable and more productive. To Summarize:

  • Povide proper seating and educate the worker on posture and how to maintain it to remain comfortable.

  • Provide proper - adjustable - work surfaces for both keyboarding and clerical work, for maximum operating and working ease.

  • Provide proper - adjustable - placement for the video display for best viewing position regardless of work-habits, quality of eyesight and work requirements.

  • Provide proper - logical arrangement - of all other related items (books, binders, files, disks, telephone, printer etc.) for maximum ease of operating access.

  • Provide proper lighting to suit the task, at the same time eliminate glare and reflections from the entire viewing task area.