SIS Specifications

Product Line Description: Generation IV is a complete line of adjustable free-standing computer support furniture which ofters ultimate flexibility ... the option of starting with crank tables today and converting to electric tomorrow; whenever the corporate or legislated requirements come to pass. All tables are designed with a depth of 24" or 30" to conform to most panel systems and freestanding environments,

Meeting Standards: SIS Generation IV Tables and Accessories are designed to meet the most stingent worldwide ergonomic conditions. When used in an environment which has completed an ergonomic intervention, coupled with approved seating and utilized after the benefit of training, Generation IV will provide you with a platform to possibly decrease occupational related trauma and associated work interruptions... therefore increasing productivity!

ADA: All Generation IV tables 36" wide or larger, meet ADA requirements including leg room clearance for wheelchair use and ease of operation by the physically challenged. They adjust either by crank or electric, depending on the circumstances and modifications required.

ANSI-HFS, OSHA, NSC, GS & EC: All tables meet or exceed ANSI-HFS 100-1988 current standards and anticipated OSHA and or NSC (National OSHA Safety Council) guidelines for domestic use. The tables conform to EC standards and have received the GS label for European usage including: leg envelope clearance, keyboard height ranges and ease of operation.

Today's task intensive operations require work environments that ofter the operator a maximum design of flexibility and adjustabily including operating from both sitting to standing. Generation IV uniquely meets this requirement from 5th percentile female workers to 95th percentile male workers, by having a mechanism that meets the specific ANSI keyboard low-end height requirement of 23" to a high-end of 36 1/2". At the same time, the VDT ranges from 25" to 39". Anthropometdcally, this range will support the specific work group from 5th percentile female to approximate 75th percentile male from sitting to standing. When the greater high-end range is needed for those individuals in the upper most portion of the range, we simply add (in the field) our leg extension and the table height is converted to a keyboard range of 26 1/2" (traditional American keyboard standard) to 40" and a VDT range of 28 1/2" to a top-end of 43". This is the most complete range available which meets standards and realistic demands!

Adjustability: Manual, crank, and electrical.


  • The eight adjustable mechanism on all crank tables are upgradable to electric.
  • Crank tilt is available on selective bilevel (keyboard and VDT) and single surface tables.
  • All tables have optional increased height range with leg extension kits.

Surfaces: Single or bilevel surfaces, Single surfaces contain cutouts fitted with plastic wire grommets for proper channeling to cables.

Frames: Oval steel tubing with epoxy powder coated paint finish. Because the entire table frame is steel, it is produced with no intermediate cross bar which can interfere with your legs or the ANSI envelope box. The only horizontal member is the steel channel under the surface which also houses the chain. The new one-piece corrugated bar design is strong, ergonomically safe and a full ¾" smaller than Generation III.

Base (Feet): 12 gaue CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)

Uprights: 16 gauge CRS

Underframe: 9/32" CRS plate tested to DIN 2394/2395

Paint: All metal parts treated to resist corrosion, and sprayed with electro static epoxy powder (Corro Coat MX) then coated with pigmented color. It's textured to create a nonreflective matte finish. Entire process is non-toxic during painting operation and in case of fire.

Welds: Seam welds

Type: MIG

Standard: ANSI/AWS A2.4-86

Tops: Particle board core, laminate cover. All tops according to DIN 68765.

Fire Rated: According to UL 723 (USA) and Baustoffklasse BI (BRD)

Reflection: Luminance-tested according to DIN 67530 using a reflectometer-measurement.

Laminate: .050" thick decorative laminate.

Core: 1.00" thick, 65 lb density chip core substrate. Contains nominal Formaldehyde levels below 0.02 parts per million per Raffael which is below marginal value according to DIN 4554.

Backer Sheet: .027" thick phenolic backer.

Assembly: Assembly of entire frame is completed with a 5mm allen wrench (provided with the table).

Standard Finishes:

     Steel Frames - Code     Top             - Code

     Matte Black  -  12      Veneer Maple    -  73

     Light Grey   -  14      Veneer Cherry   -  43

     Aluminum     -  18      Veneer Beech    -  53

                             Grey Melamine   -  62
                             Maple Melamine  -  72
                             Oak Melamine    -  92
                                  Melamine   -  82
                             Custom Laminate -  00

How To Order/Product Code:


     1111 = Model #
       22 = Steel Frame Code
       33 = Laminate Top Code

Shipping: KD (Knocked Down)

Lead Time Program: For normal orders allow 6 - 9 weeks from date of order entry. For large orders, request delivery information.

Available On Request: The following options are available with upchanges and a minimum order of 20 pieces.

Table Tops: A greate flexibility exists in regard to customizing top sizes and/or shapes.

Frame Colors: Non standard colors are available according to factory color chain.

Laminate: A wide varity of spcial American laminates are available such as Wilsonart or Formica.

Partner Product Finishes: All Partner Product tables and accessories are available from inventory in a coordinating finish of dark grey painted frames with light grey laminate tops (color code SY). Products may be special ordered from the factory in light grey frame with light grey tops (color code YY). All monitor arms in the Partner Product range are available in light grey paint finish only. The footrest and step stool are available in black.

Upgrading To Electric: All crank tables come fitted with a Power Exchange Outlet (PXO) to receive our Electric Motor Kit which can be ordered with the table or added at a later date.

Multiflex Frames: A large number of specials can be produced using our Multiflex fram program without the involvement of factory upcharges or long lead times. This includes most tables requiring special top shape, size or color. The most common size of Multiflex frames are in stock for timely delivery with SIS or dealer locally manufactured tops. Frames are also available for retrofitting with customer's existing tops from workstation environments. Engineering drawing and assistance are available by contracting us.