Sit-down/Standup workstations with built-in flexibility.

Why should you and your company choose sit-down/standup table?

It is good for the body.
It creates variation in the work.
It can easily be adjusted by any user in the office.
It increases efficiency at the workstation.
It lowers the risk of RSI injuries.
It gives physical and mental energy.

What is unique about SISmotion?

Space-saving, straight-up and straight height adjustment, so tables can stand up against the wall or against each other.
Patented safety stop-lock.
Easy stepless height adjustment.
Height interval from 65 to 125 cm.
Front-operated height adjustment.

Who was SISmotion created for?

Users who spend more than 2 hours a day working with computers.
Users who share the same tables on different shifts.
Users who work closely together in teams.
Users who wish complete, well-functioned solutions.
Users in call centres where the standing element can enhance breathing therefore diction on a long shift.