WWW Information Resources

Source Name
Digital Corporation Alta Vista
Architext Software Excite
Sylvain Provencher RES-Links All-In-One Resource Page
InfoSeek Corporation InfoSeek
Carnegie Mellon University Lycos
Yahoo Corporation Yahoo
Open Text Corporation Open Text
Macmillan Computer Publishing USA New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Macmillan Computer Publishing USA The Information SuperLibrary
Superhighway Consulting, Inc. Starting Point
CityScape Internet Services and Global Online Guide To The Internet
A Consortium Of Internet Service Providers The ISP Internet Yellow Pages
Internet Business Connection The Internet Sleuth
America Online, Inc. Webcrawler
Daniel Dreilinger SavvySearch
William D. Cross All-In-One Search Page
Open Market, Inc. Open Market
Home Pages, Inc. World Wide Yellow Pages
DejaNews DejaNews Search Service