Listen To Your Muscles

Muscles like to work. They almost never hurt when they are used....only when they are abused.

Pain in neck and shoulders is usually caused by a wrong position with the neck bent forward and the shoulders raised.

When you move, a muscle will alternately tighten and relax. This action keeps blood circulating to remove toxines from the muscles and supply it with fresh oxygen and nutrients.

Problems will arise if a muscle is more or less tight all the time as when working with a wrong posture. The muscle is unable to get rid of toxines and receives no fresh oxygen. What you feel is pain, a warning signal, the body's way of protecting the muscles against overload.

Regular pauses are not a waste of time. They are a must for our well-being and even for our working efficiency. Too often many people tend to ignore the signals and presevere bravely to the point of risking severe muscle aches.