Generation 4 Xtreme

Winner of the Best Of Neocon Gold Awards

What Xtends 28” in 8 seconds?


Go to the XTREME! With a height range of 23” to 51” at an amazing rate of 3.5 inches per second, the SIS Generation IV XTREME tables integrate true sit-to-stand technology that assures a coordinated movement of the human body in sequence with the speed of the table. The total range of 28” can be traversed electrically in 8 seconds while supporting up to 220 lbs. of surface equipment with no concerns about overloading the table.




XTREME integrates with the full line of Generation IV BasiX products to create a height adjustable desking system with multiple height ranges and adjustment mechanisms that can be utilized by anysize user: petite, medium, or tall!
Manage your assets by starting with crank and changing to electric or vise versa with a simple part replacement, or modify the overall width with a new beam, and all this can even be done out in the field! It’s that simple.





The various parts of design, including legs and beams, can be continually reconfigured to new workstation dimensions and satisfy various workload demands. Significant flexibility!