Ease of Adjustability

The mere existence of adjustability is not enough. The adjustments must be easily implemented, otherwise they will not be used.

They should be simple enough that for a tall, far-sighted inexperienced individual to meet his physical requirements at a table previously used by a shorter, experienced, near-sighted individual, would take a matter of seconds.

This ease of adjustment is important even where the terminal has a single dedicated operator. It must be recognized that working in one fixed position can in itself be tiring.

The table should allow the operator to make simple changes to this position to alleviate the potential discomfort.

Lack of variation in the sitting position can be even more debilitating. Some chairs have hydraulic tilt adjustment, for their back support. This allows the operator to relieve back discomfort pressure in the spine created by a fixed sitting position. In fact we encourage employees to temporarily adjust such chairs to lean fully back, if they are reading or talking on the telephone.